Tea Ball Tea Infuser with Beaded Chain AWESOME green & brown with DRAGON charm herb herbal herbs strainer

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Product Description

After having so much fun playing with tea balls last year I just had to do it once more. It took some time for me to get around to it but I got a hold of some tea balls and fancied them up with multiple. I think these new strainers are even more wonderful than the last ones I did. :)

This particular one is done in multiple green and brown tones and is sure to infuse your home and life with an earthy happiness. The amazing dragon charm is sure to make anyone that sees it smile with delight.

I adore when the pretty is also really practical. Don't you? The weight of the beads makes it almost impossible for the ball and chain to end up in the bottom of your tea pot or cup. No more fishing with your fingers and no more trying to hang the chain on the handle of your pot or cup on a "too short" chain with an awkward hook. Just drop in your ball filled with your choice of herbs or tea and hang the beaded chain over the outside and you are ready to put on your timer for brewing.

I enjoyed the process of creating these and hope you will agree that they are just too pretty not to use daily. They make a wonderful gift for yourself or the herbalist/tea lover in your life and are sure to bring a smile with every use.

Care is simple: Wash gently by hand-just a swish through sudsy water should take care of it. I would avoid the dishwasher due to the sterling plating used on the findings and the glass and crystal beads which can become scratched by harsh detergents. Pat dry after washing and that is it! Done! These are really simple to clean and keep.

Tea Ball Tea Infuser with Beaded Chain AWESOME green & brown with DRAGON charm Tea Ball Tea Infuser with Beaded Chain AWESOME green & brown with DRAGON charm

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